NYU Medical Center, N.Y.

Hi, I'm Dr. Stuart Weiss. I'm an Endocrinologist at New York University Hospital New York University Hospital in private practice. At NYU we have some basic science research going on in type 2 diabetes, and it's very exciting and interesting stuff. We also are doing some clinical trials on heart attack and the treatment of diabetes through the heart attack program. The, most of the work though that we're doing is clinical work.

We have a diabetes educational center where we're trying to teach patients how to control their blood sugars better. We're also doing continuous glucose monitoring programs where we're attaching devices to patients, letting them wear that for a few days so that we could see what their blood sugars is doing on a continuous basis. This is going to provide us with a lot of information.

Every single patient is an experiment, for a lack of a better way of saying things, whereby we can look at how certain foods affect an individual by continuously monitoring their blood sugars. And this is providing us with clinical insights that are tremendous.