Health Tip: Caring for Acne-Prone Skin

ByABC News
January 21, 2010, 10:23 AM

Jan. 22 -- (HealthDay News) -- The exact cause of acne isn't understood, but the American Academy of Dermatology says four factors are involved: too much oil, clogged pores, bacteria, and inflammation.

The academy offers these skin-care suggestions designed to help manage acne:

  • Gently clean your face one or two times per day with a gentle skin cleanser and lukewarm water. Excessive washing, on the other hand, can irritate the skin and make acne worse.
  • If your hair is oily, shampoo daily to help prevent oil from getting to the skin.
  • While foods aren't believed to cause acne, in some people, certain foods can make acne worse. If you know which foods seem to aggravate your acne, avoid them.
  • Use oil-free makeup and skin products.
  • Avoid getting hair products, such as sprays or gel, on your face.
  • If you have acne, your dermatologist may recommend a prescription or over-the-counter treatment.