Health Tip: Taking Care of Your Preemie

(HealthDay News) -- Any new parent is concerned about caring for the newborn baby. Premature babies -- often called preemies -- usually require even more care and attention.

The Nemours Foundation offers these guidelines for the new parents of preemies:

  • Limit your preemie's exposure to potential infections by keeping the baby home for several weeks, except for doctor appointments.
  • Schedule doctor appointments when the office is likely to be less busy. Or ask to wait in a more private room.
  • Don't allow too many visitors to see your preemie, and don't let anyone visit who is sick.
  • Ask all visitors to wash their hands before touching the baby.
  • Allow your baby plenty of sleep -- always on the back.
  • Make sure to feed your preemie at least every four hours -- generally eight to 10 feedings per day.