Health Tip: Recognize the Signs of Drowsy Driving

ByABC News
August 18, 2009, 2:18 PM

Aug. 19 -- (HealthDay News) -- The lull of a relaxing drive can make you too sleepy to continue behind the wheel. If you feel yourself getting too tired, it's important to get off the road and give yourself a break.

The U.S. National Safety Council offers this list of warning signs that you should check into a motel for the night:

  • When your eyes keep closing or slip out of focus.
  • When you yawn repeatedly.
  • When you begin to feel especially impatient, irritable or restless.
  • When you have trouble concentrating.
  • When you can't remember driving the previous few miles.
  • When you begin swerving into another lane or onto the shoulder.
  • When you begin missing traffic signs, tailgating or driving too fast or too slowly.
  • When you feel tension in the back, a burning sensation in the eyes or feel shallow breathing.