What Can I Do To Lower My Risk Of Developing Heart Disease?

Dr. Michael Cuffe answers the question: 'What Can I Do To Lower My Risk?'

ByMichael S. Cuffe, M.d., Vice President, Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer, Duke University Health System
November 07, 2008, 1:27 PM

— -- Question: What can I do to lower my risk of developing heart disease?

Answer: Well, in order to diminish your risk for coronary artery disease, it's important to know your risk factors and treat those that are modifiable. So this will typically mean an annual visit to your medical provider and keeping an eye on your blood pressure -- controlling it if it's high, knowing what your cholesterol level is. And for many people that might mean changing their diet or giving them a lower cholesterol regiment.

If you have diabetes, obviously controlling that can also be important. If you do those things together -- plus add to it aerobic exercise, three, four, or five days per week -- you're going to be making a great investment in your future health.

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