Is It More Important To Limit The Amount Of Food I Eat Or Pay Attention To The Kinds Of Food I Eat?

Question: Is it more important to limit the amount of food I eat or pay attention to the kinds of food I eat in order to prevent heart disease?

Answer: Whether to reduce the amount of calories that you consume to control your weight or to change the kind of calories, the types of foods, is a very interesting question. They're both important and it's hard to say which is more important.

Some years ago, when Americans were not so overweight, we put more emphasis on the kind of food you eat to keep the bad cholesterol low. Now, as people in general are gaining weight, and we have this so-called epidemic of obesity in America in which so many people are developing diabetes as well as heart disease, then our emphasis is shifting somewhat, and we're trying to emphasize more on the amount of food you eat. You should eat smaller portion sizes and you should modify your diet to keep your weight down.

So it's impossible to say which is more important, but we want to put more emphasis now on the amount of food you eat in addition to the kinds of food (you eat).

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