If I Have High Blood Pressure, Should I Avoid Getting Pregnant?

Dr. Myung Park answers the question: 'Should I Avoid Pregnancy?'

— -- "Question: If I have high blood pressure, should I avoid getting pregnant?

Answer: Women with high blood pressure can have a safe pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby under very close supervision of the physician. Remember that there are some recommendations that must be followed through a pregnancy if you have high blood pressure. One is your blood pressure must be very well controlled through your pregnancy. And of course, this needs to be done under careful supervision of your physician.

Also, it is helpful if you maintain an ideal body weight, especially before you're getting pregnant, maintain a good exercise regimen, and also remember that you must tell your doctor [about] all the medication that you're taking -- this can be for your blood pressure, this can be for any other disorder.

But your doctor must know, because there are certain medications that can help you achieve your blood pressure goal through your pregnancy that's safe for you and for your baby. "