Are Men Or Women More Likely To Have High Blood Pressure?

Dr. Myung Park answers the question: 'Men, Women And High Blood Pressure Risk?'

— -- Question: Are men or women more likely to have high blood pressure?

Answer: Certainly high blood pressure is a very serious health hazard for both men and women. There are certain things that puts women at a higher risk for developing high blood pressure than men.

For instance, if you're on birth control pills, if you become pregnantoverweight -- and this is defined as if you're more than 20 pounds over your ideal body weight or if your body mass index is greater than 30 -- if you have a family history, or if you're African-American. These are definitely higher risks for developing high blood pressure for women.

Now also, as we age, we also tend to develop high blood pressure more. And this is the greatest risk for women if you're post-menopausal. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that 73 percent of women who are over the age of 65 to 74 have high blood pressure.