Is There A Personality Type That Is Predisposed To Develop High Blood Pressure?

Dr. Thomas answers the question: 'Personality Type & High Blood Pressure?'

— -- Question: Is there a personality type that is predisposed to develop high blood pressure?

Answer:There are personality types that are more likely and at higher risk of developing high blood pressure -- that's been shown in several studies now over the past few decades. The personality type at highest risk for developing high blood pressure is the Type A personality, the one with the high hostility component.

For example, if you're the type of person who is at a stoplight behind a car that's slow to take off when the light turns green, you honk the horn because you get impatient -- that's a Type A high hostility type personality trait. In that type of a person, high blood pressure is more common. However, it's not inevitable. There are ways to counteract the effect of personality type to decrease risk of high blood pressure.