When Should I Consider Using Some Kind Of Back Support When I Play Sports, And How Should I Use It?

Question: When should I consider using some kind of back support when I play sports, and how should I use it?

Answer: One of the reasons why we see patients in our clinic with low-back pain is because they've been lifting heavy objects without adequate support or technique. So when you're considering doing a sport where you're involved with heavy weight lifting or you're getting sudden jerky motions of the spine, you may want to consider using a low-back brace to help support your back. This may be helpful in preventing low-back pain from developing, or if you already have some low-back pain, it may help reduce the amount of pain that you're having.

If you're in a situation where you're beginning to have low-back pain that doesn't go away after you stop playing your sport or you're having low-back pain that shoots down your legs, you may want to consider seeing a physician at that point.