What Are Some Of The Key Things Men Can Do To Improve My Health And Prevent Disease?

Question: What are some of the key things men can do to improve my health and prevent disease?

Answer: The most important things people can do to maintain their health and prevent disease gets down to the basics -- nothing fancy here and not a lot of supplements. No. 1 is: not smoke. Smoking is a total body toxin and contributes to disease in many different ways.

No. 2, obtain adequate physical activity and exercise. If I had a pill that did everything that exercise does -- prevents heart disease, prevents some cancers, contributes to improve mood, bone health and the list goes on and one -- we'd be prescribing that pill for everyone.

No. 3, eat a healthy diet. In general, a plant-based diet with a moderate amount of calories to maintain a healthy weight is the best way to go.

And finally, as I just mentioned, maintaining a healthy weight. Those four things will do more to help prevent disease and improve health than anything else I know.