What Are The Key Things To Know About Osteoporosis Screenings In Men?

Question: What are the key things to know about osteoporosis screenings in men?

Answer: Osteoporosis is not uncommon in men. We tend to think of osteoporosis as being a disease of women; however, men lose bone just as well as women do. If you suffer a fracture of some part of your body, you should be screened for osteoporosis. When women suffer fractures, they always get screened for osteoporosis.

Men do not typically get this. One out of five osteoporosis sufferers is men. That is, 20 percent of people with osteoporosis are men and you should have this testing done. It is common if you are, in fact, a longtime user of medications such as anti-seizure medications, if you are a longtime user of medication such as steroids which make you more prone to bone loss, or if you are a longtime user of certain blood thinners such as heparin. These are common causes of osteoporosis with long-term use. So men who in fact suffer fractures, men who are on these medications should consider being screened for bone loss with a bone scan, just as women get screened.