How Can I Send For A Cancer Survivor Kit?

Question from teca0331:On GMA 10/19/07 they showed a cancer survivor kit. How can I send for one? Please reply to:

Answer from Karleen Habin, R.N., nurse consultant for OnCall+: Breast Cancer:

Hi mkoteca,

Many people may be wondering the same thing -- where does someone obtain access to the Chemo Kit program?

As background for those of you reviewing these comments -- GMA's anchor Robin Roberts, showcased the Chemo Kit that she was provided as a gift on one of the recent GMA segments on breast cancer as seen here:

The Chemo Kits as described by Ann Marie Paolucci, Founder of the Chemo Kit Foundation, has a three-tiered program to distribute kits to cancer patients. 1.) Kits are donated only through partnering cancer organizations which can be found here:; 2.) subsidized kits are available to other cancer patients for a minimal donation; and 3.) there is a gift kit program (for a suggested donation you can send a kit as a gift to a loved one), which helps to sustain our other programs.

Ann Marie describes that Over 80% of the Chemo Kits, which are valued at over $100 each are donated. Each person requesting a kit will need to "fill out" a brochure that will describe the latter two programs.

Kits include: Toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrush and lozenges to help prevent and manage mouth sores and chemo burn/thrush Teas and crystallized ginger for nausea A meditation CD for use during chemotherapy Hand sanitizer Sleep cap and satin pillowcase for hair loss Warm socks Book - Living Well With Cancer Blank Book - for journaling or keeping track of medical information and symptoms "Anne Marie's Helpful Hints" - literature with hints from me about ways to cope with various aspects of this experience.

It is important to remember to review advice and product information with your medical team.