If I Have A Baby After Breast Cancer Treatment, Will I Be Able To Breastfeed?

Dr. Eric Winer answers the question: 'Can I Breastfeed After Cancer Treatment?'

ByABC News
September 25, 2007, 3:09 PM

— -- Question: If I have a baby after breast cancer treatment, will I be able to breastfeed?

Answer: If you've had treatment for breast cancer, you often can breastfeed after that treatment if you choose to have a baby. There's one big exception to that and that exception is if you've had radiation to a breast, you usually can't breastfeed from that breast. You could, however, breastfeed from the other breast. The one thing to talk to your doctor about is to make sure you're not on any medications that get into the breast milk that could in any way affect your child.

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