Does a High-Fat Diet Increase My Breast Cancer Risk?

Question: Does a high-fat diet increase my risk for breast cancer?

Answer: There is a lot of research that points to an increased risk with a high-fat diet. Most of these studies are what are called epidemiological studies where they look at different groups or cultures and what their percentage of fat is in their diet and then look at the risk of breast cancer in that particular population. And these studies, as well as some animal studies, do show an increased risk with a high-fat diet in breast cancer.

However, with more complete studies recently in the United States, that hasn't always been a strong correlation. And there is some suspect now that it may be more the issue of how many calories that you're taking in, not specifically fat calories -- it's just that fats are a more concentrated source of calories, so that could be an issue. But it seems now that it's pointing to an excess calories versus just a, a high-fat diet.

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