Should I Take Any Vitamins or Herbs Before Breast Cancer Surgery?

Dr. Barbara Smith answers the question: Vitamins or Herbs Before Surgery?

— -- Question: Should I take any vitamins or herbs before breast cancer surgery?

Answer: With any surgical procedure we want to be very careful that none of the medications or other supplements that people are taking are going to add to their risk of bleeding or infection. Many of the things that we take for granted in terms of vitamins and supplements actually can add to the risk of bleeding at the time of surgery. Certain herbs will do this; Vitamin E will do this; and things like aspirin or ibuprofen can also add to the risk of bleeding. In general it's very important to talk to your doctor ahead of time. Tell them everything you're taking including nonprescription medications and supplements. And double-check that they're not going to affect the surgery or the other steps along the way for your treatment.

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