How Do I Find A Doctor Who Will Help Me With My Pain Problems?

Dr. Carmen R. Green answers the question: 'How Do I Find A Doctor For Pain?'

— -- Question: How Do I Find A Doctor Who Will Help Me With My Pain Problems?

Answer: There recently has been a lot more attention about the things that we can do to alleviate and relieve pain. There are a proliferation of medical specialists, there are a number of different websites that are coming out saying, "Your pain deserves to be assessed and you deserve to have your pain treated."

Now, with that being said, most physicians and nurses and other health care professionals have had not a lot of education as it relates to pain. And so it's a really new phenomena that physicians are actually specializing in how to take care of patients with pain.

There are a number of places that a person could look if they were interested in finding people who are, who have this type of expertise. I would refer people to the American Pain Foundation, The National Pain Foundation, I would point them to the American Society of Anesthesiologists, and the American Academy of Pain Medicine. There they keep a list of physicians who are dedicated to actually elevating and treating patients with pain and they have specific expertise in it.

I'd also caution you to really think about physicians who are board-certified, not just in their basic specialty, but also board-certified as it relates to pain. Recognize that there are many people out there who are available, who are willing to take care of you as it relates to pain.

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