How Often Should I Have My PSA Checked If I Am Receiving Treatment For Prostate Cancer?

Question: How often should I have my PSA checked if I am receiving treatment for prostate cancer, and is there a relationship between changes in PSA and my prognosis?

Answer: The recommended follow-up pattern is to have a PSA check three times a year, for the first three years. Then, twice per year on year four and five. And after the fifth year: once a year.

There are well-established patterns for patients treated with radical prostatectomy, or with radiation including brachytherapy.

Consequently, if you're following those established patterns in PSA behavior, quite likely we can predict if you're cured, or you're likely to relapse, or you're on your way to relapsing.

So the answer is yes -- there are patterns that your physician is fully aware of, and he will be discussing with you if you are following the pattern for success or potential failure.

Alvaro Martinez, M.D., Chairman, Department of Radiation Oncology, Beaumont Hospitals Play