What Happens If My Biopsy Results For Prostate Cancer Come Back Negative/Positive?

Dr. David Jarrard answers the question: 'Biopsy Results Negative/Positive?'

March 16, 2009 -- Question: What happens if my biopsy results for prostate cancer come back negative/positive?

Answer: After the biopsy, there are several different answers the urologist may have. One of these answers is the presence of cancer and typically, discussion would need to be undertaken to discuss the various treatment options and if treatment is necessary. Another potential answer is the presence of cells that may be associated with cancer but that are not turned malignant. In this case you may require another biopsy.

The third answer is the presence of no cancer and in that type of situation, the PSA will typically be watched for a period of time and at some future time another biopsy may be needed.