Will A Nerve-Sparing Prostatectomy Remove All Of The Prostate Cancer Cells?

Dr. Catalona answers the question: 'Success Of Nerve-Sparing Prostatectomy?'

Jan. 01, 2009 -- Question: Will a nerve-sparing prostatectomy remove all of the prostate cancer cells?

Answer: The nerve-sparing prostatectomy can remove all of the prostate cancer cells in patients who are appropriately selected for the operation. So, these are patients who, in general, would have a low PSA level, would have biopsies that would show that the cancer was low or medium grade in terms of its aggressiveness, and patients who have no evidence that the cancer has spread beyond the prostate prior to surgery. So, in appropriately selected candidates, a nerve-sparing prostatectomy can completely cure the cancer and still preserve potency.