Will I Stay Overnight In The Hospital For A Laparoscopic, Perineal or Retropubic Surgery?

Dr. Uzzo answers the question: 'Will I Stay Overnight After Surgery?'

March 16, 2009 -- Question: Will I stay overnight in the hospital for a laparoscopic, perineal or retropubic surgery?

Answer: Most robotic or laparoscopic prostatectomies do require a stay in the hospital at least one or sometimes up to two days depending on how well your body recovers from the surgery. Many times patients' equilibrium will be a little bit shifted after robotic or laparoscopic surgery. You should remember that this is not a small operation, it's just done through small incisions. It is a major operation and therefore your body will tell you whether you need to stay for one or two or sometimes even longer days. Typically, however, most patients are able to go home the day after their robotic surgery.