What Symptoms Of Swine Flu Should I Look Out For In My Child, And When Should I Keep My Kid At Home?

Question: What symptoms of swine flu should I look out for in my child, and when should I keep my kid at home?

Answer: Well the symptoms of swine flu are pretty much the same as the usual seasonal flu that comes around every year. The symptoms are fever, and generally the fever can be 101, 102 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can be quite high, particularly in the little children sometimes the fever is the first sign. Then it will rapidly be accompanied by a runny nose and cough. A cough is a major finding in swine flu and often sore throat as well.

We also know that with swine flu there can be a little bit more vomiting and diarrhea than you usually see with the usual influenza, but pretty much the respiratory symptoms and the aching and the sore throat and the fever are what you will see.