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Your Questions Answered

Question: What vitamins are good for a woman who is 48 years old?

Answer: Here's a recent piece from Dr. Marie Savard on the subject.


Question: I saw the report on red rice on TV but I can't find any reference on your web page. Could you please post a link to the report?

Answer: Here you go: Red Yeast Rice Helps Reduce Cholesterol.


Question: Can exercising too much cause a plateau of weight loss? I have been exercising every day of the week for at least one hour -- running, elliptical and/or biking, and lifting weights twice a week but I can't seem to lose weight. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: I am not aware of any research that indicates if you exercise too much your weight will plateau. We occasionally see this phenomenon in clients that are exercising extreme amounts at vigorous intensity and not eating enough calories. We recommend one hour of aerobic exercise a day, with 30 minutes of strength training twice a week -- similar to what you are currently doing. Verify that you are eating the recommended amount of calories for weight loss with a dietitian. In addition, if you are not as active on the weekends, add in some activities that are not structured (i.e. hiking, car washing, throwing a frisbee).

- Gerald K. Endress, Fitness Director, Duke University Diet & Fitness Center


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