How Do I Get Over My Fear/Embarrassment Of Going To A Gym When I'm Overweight?

Dr. Brownell answers the question: 'Too Embarassed To Go To The Gym?'

February 1, 2009 -- Question: How do I get over my fear/embarrassment of going to a gym when I'm overweight?

Answer: Many people are reluctant to be physically active outside the home because they think others will see them on the street or on the road or on a bike or at a gym, where they obviously might be seen by many people who are in better shape than they are. It's very important to put that aside and just go do it.

Now, that's easy to say and harder to do, but the fact is your health is at stake and your well-being is at stake and who really cares, after all, about what these other people think or say.

First of all, they're most likely focused on themselves, aren't going to be worried about you too much. But also, if anything, people are going to admire you for trying to get control over what's obviously a difficult problem.

So, this idea that you just go do it and set aside what other people are likely to think or say carries people a long way and can be very helpful advice.