Are There Certain Foods I Should Definitely Avoid To Make Sure I Lose Weight?

Question: Are there certain foods I should definitely avoid to make sure I lose weight? (soda, etc.)

Answer: When people are trying to be successful with weight loss, there may be particular foods that are hard to control because they're too tempting. And I think it is very important to create an eating environment that is conducive to success. So for instance, if somebody finds ice cream to be too tempting to keep around, it shouldn't be in the house.

In addition, perhaps some of those extras of things we thought we could live without, for instance something like a fruit punch, a fruit drink, a carbonated beverage.

Those are items that have a tremendous amount of calories with little nutritional return, and so perhaps getting that out of the house as well, and then we're also creating an environment that is not so tempting, so indeed we'll be more successful with our goals.