What Lifestyle Changes Can I Make To Keep My Skin Looking As Young As Possible?

Question: What lifestyle changes can I make to keep my skin looking as young as possible?

Answer: We all care about our appearance and we all like looking young. I like to tell my patients that prevention is worth a pound of cure and that, actually, prevention actually is the best treatment for a good-appearing skin. First of all, please try to avoid ultraviolet light exposure. This means if your outdoors to wear sunscreen and reapply it as directed. If not you can use photo-protective clothing, hats and sunglasses.

Also, when it comes to the skin we prefer that you not smoke; not only is this good for your overall health in general, but it's also directly related to the signs of aging in the skin.

Also, try to avoid second- and third-hand smoke when possible. With regards to skin care we recommend that you practice sensitive skin care using a benign soap and a benign lotion. This means using products that are free of irritants, chemicals, dyes and perfume. We recommend washing your face twice a day and moisturizing your skin twice a day.