Ana Navarro talks about her husband's COVID-19 diagnosis on 'The View'

Navarro says her husband Al Cardenas is "out of the woods."

October 19, 2020, 3:11 PM

Ana Navarro is feeling "lucky" after her husband, Al Cardenas, recovered from COVID-19.

As positive COVID-19 cases continue to rise globally, Navarro opened up while co-hosting "The View" Monday about how coronavirus has personally impacted her life.

"My husband got COVID from somebody that works in my house who had gotten it from a nephew," Navarro said. "Sixteen people have ended up with COVID from that one person. Three of them in the hospital, including my husband, who spent five days in the hospital receiving Remdesivir."

Navarro has been working from home out of "an abundance of precaution" even though she's "tested negative six times."

"He was at home for the first few days quarantined and isolated in our home, trying to beat it at home," Navarro said of her husband. "When you have got somebody with COVID in your house, symptomatic, it's like all you do all day ... take his temperature, take the oxygen level, feed him, wipe everything down. Make sure he's okay. Feed him again."

"You're trying to do all of this without exposing yourself," Navarro continued. "It is manic. It is all-consuming. And he was getting worse. So we made the decision to take him into the hospital for evaluation, and he had pneumonia, small pneumonia ... he was lethargic."

Navarro said Cardenas is "feeling great" at home and "he's out of the woods."

On Sunday evening, Navarro posted a video of Cardenas on Instagram leaving the Cleveland Clinic Florida hospital in Weston, Florida.

"It’s been a scary and overwhelming few days," Navarro said in the post's caption. "I am thankful to the doctors and staff."

"I can't tell you how much this weekend I have thought of all the people who dropped their loved one off at an [emergency room] never to see them again. Not to be able to hold their hand, not to be able to be with them, and they're never getting to come home again," Navarro said with tears in her eyes, recalling that well over 200,000 Americans have lose their battle with COVID-19.

"I'm one of the lucky ones. We are one of the lucky ones, but this is hard," Navarro continued. "It's scary."

Navarro said she doesn’t understand how President Donald Trump can "make light" of his COVID-19 recovery and "be so cavalier about it and to throw away the mask and pretend that macho men can beat [coronavirus]."

"My husband is a macho man. He doesn't need a song by the Village People to announce it to the world,” Navarro said. The virus "almost took [my husband] down."

She added, "I want a president who cares about the American people and keeping us safe much more than trying to portray some faux machismo."

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