Progeria Resources: Learn More About Girls Featured in '7 Going on 70'

More information on progeria and connect with the girls in the "20/20" special.

ByABC News
September 8, 2010, 11:39 AM

July 29, 2011— -- Barbara Walters reports on Lindsay Ratcliffe, Kaylee Halko and Haylee Okines, three vibrant young girls who suffer from progeria, an extremely rare and fatal disease characterized by rapid aging in children. It is rare; of every 4-to-8 million births worldwide, only one baby will have progeria, according to the Progeria Research Foundation. So far, 80 children around that world currently have been identified and diagnosed with progeria. On average, children with the disease die at age 13.

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Lindsay Ratcliffe

Seven-year-old Lindsay Ratcliffe of Flat Rock, Mich., lives inside a body that is biologically older than that of her grandmother. Lindsay showed no signs of progeria at birth. She was diagnosed with the disease about four months later. Now, Lindsay is another first grader, who loves playing with ponies, Legos and running. But at just 20 pounds and 36 inches, her physical limitations make it hard for her to keep up with her classmates.

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