Boy Does 'Happy Dance' After Hearing Mom's Voice Through Hearing Aid

PHOTO: Kaiden Orantes, 2, is pictured in an image made from video just after his heading aids were turned on for the first time.PlayCourtesy Caitlin Orantes
WATCH Boy's Amazing Reaction to Having Hearing Aids Turned on For the First Time

A 2-year-old boy did his own "happy dance" after getting a hearing aid that helped him more clearly, his mother told ABC News.

Kaiden Orantes, 2, was given hearing aids after being diagnosed with progressive hearing loss, according to his mother, Caitlin Orantes. Doctors aren't sure why the boy's hearing has gotten worse since he was born, Orantes said. In an effort to improve the boy's hearing and help him learn language, doctors fitted Kaiden this week with special hearing aids.

"He started freaking out and did the happy dance," Orantes, of Princeton, New Jersey, said of the moment her son heard sound more clearly.

The boy was obsessed with music and dancing even before he had new hearing aids, Orantes said, and he would be fixated by the vibrations coming from the television or radio.

"He is super drawn to music. ... That's something he can hear surprisingly [well]," Orantes said. "It transfers into your brain in a completely different way than [other] sounds would."

With his hearing aid, Kaiden has been running around and playing on his toy guitars Orantes got for him, she said.

"This kid is obsessed with music," she said. "I’ve had videos of him going crazy and trying to sing. He can’t form too many words."

She said now that he has hearing aids, she hopes to get him in music classes. While doctors aren't sure what's causing the hearing loss, Orantes said she hopes he can someday get a cochlear implant.

"He’s finally able to hear the sound he’s creating," Orantes said. "It’s so priceless."