Brainwave Test for ADHD: For Patients or Profit?


Some experts worry that the disorder is being over-diagnosed and over-treated, but it's unclear whether NEBA would cut down on false positives.

"You could argue that if you required this as part of the diagnosis you would lower the rate of ADHD because many children don't have this [brainwave] abnormality," Klein said. "Whether you would be doing them a service is something I don't know."

Dr. William Graf, a professor of pediatric neurology at Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Conn., said brainwave measurements are useful in diagnosing neurological diseases like epilepsy. But he stressed that ADHD is a complex behavioral disorder, and its diagnosis is never black and white.

"The 'D' in ADHD stands for disorder, meaning it's believed to cause a functional impairment," he said, adding that he believes "many" child neurologists are skeptical of the device.

"A 15-minute test that measures brainwaves doesn't tell you anything about how a person is functioning in daily life."

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