The Dawn of the 'Dad Bod': Is It Women's Favorite Physique?

A Clemson University student's essay on the figure type is going viral.

ByABC News
May 1, 2015, 10:24 AM

— -- Forget about washboard abs and bulging biceps, according to one college student whose essay has gone viral, what women really want is a “dad bod.”

“My friends and I saw this body type on a lot more guys and we were attracted to it,” Clemson University student Mackenzie Pearson told ABC News.

Pearson explained the appeal behind the “dad bod” -- a “nice balance between a beer gut and working out” -- in an article last month on The article now has over 1,200 comments and has made the term “dad bod” go viral.

In the article, Pearson, a sophomore, gives five reasons why women are attracted to men with okay figures as opposed to the “perfectly sculpted guy.”

Pearson’s reasons range from better cuddling to making the girl in the relationship feel like “the pretty one” to being able to go out to eat with your man.

As a college student, Pearson says she has even noticed her male classmates embracing the “dad bod."

“You try to maintain that healthy body but at the same time in the, ‘I want to go out and drink on the weekends,’” she said.

Pearson also concludes that men with “dad bods” just are not as intimidating as their opposites.

“It makes girls feel a lot more vulnerable when they aren't with someone who's meal prepping every Sunday and being really intimidating,” Pearson said.