Dog With Cancer Gets Sweet Ride From Home Depot Employee

Ike the dog has had some trouble getting around, but now he has a custom wagon.

— -- Ike the dog may be getting old, but he has a sweet new ride thanks to a few Home Depot employees who volunteered to build him a custom wagon.

"He's so happy to watch everybody," Feldman told ABC News. "It's his favorite thing to do. He'll lay there in the sun."

Ike has cancer in one of his back legs, making it painful for him to get around, she said. To walk Ike, Feldman had been lifting his back legs off the ground in a kind of harness, but it's been tough. And Ike has a wheelchair to hold up his back legs while he walks on his front paws, but he gets tired, she said.

So Feldman went to Home Depot and asked an employee for help modifying a cart for Ike. The employee, Ernesto Moran, told her he'd think about it and give her a call.

He and his coworker, Justin Wadman, eventually came up with a solution: a custom wagon with a ramp that was just Ike's size. And they decided to do it for free.

"I offered to build this for her and let her know that it's something that Home Depot offers -- giving back to our customers," Moran told ABC's Los Angeles station, KABC.

Feldman said she brought the story to the attention of KABC because, "I just wanted people to know that there are still people out there who do good things, really."

The wagon still needs a few tweaks, but Feldman should be able to take it home in a couple days, she said. She's looking forward to seeing her dog's content face.

"It's almost like a smile," she told ABC News. "His face, it lights up."