Ebola Outbreak: Life Inside the Hot Zone

Dr. Richard Besser reports on the growing outbreak from Monrovia, Liberia.

Full Coverage of the Ebola Outbreak

The numbers are staggering: 1,552 people are dead, and more than 1 million quarantined with limited access to food and medical supplies. But even more shocking are the scenes from inside the hot zone, where hopes are low and fears are high.

Looking for Hope in a Hot Zone

A Look Inside a Slum Cut Off by the Ebola Outbreak

He met a survivor, who is determined to return to his job as an emergency medicine doctor despite the infection risk.

Ebola Survivor 'Walked Through the Valley of Death'

And he toured an Ebola ward, where patients wait on dirt floors to survive or die.

Behind the Gates of an Ebola Ward With a Burial Team

Before leaving Liberia, Dr. Besser had to go through special airport screening procedures aimed at limiting the virus's spread.

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