Girl Who Lost Family in Fire Asks for Help Opening 1.7 Million Letters

Sa'fyre Perry,8, asked for only Christmas cards this holiday season

January 14, 2016, 1:49 PM

— -- A New York girl, whose story inspired hundreds of thousands of people to send Christmas cards, is now asking the public for help after she received 1.7 million pieces of mail.

Sa'fyre Terry's story went viral last year after the girl asked just for Christmas cards for the holiday. The girl lost her father and three brothers due to an arson fire in 2013. At just 5, Sa'fyre had burns on 75 percent of her body and lost her right arm and left foot due to injuries.

Now in the new year a team is helping the eight-year-old dig through mountains of mail.

"She doesn't need more mail or more cards or more gifts," Rachel Fredericks, a USMC Lance Corporal and an event coordinator for Capital Region Toys for Tots Campaign that is assisting Sa'fyre with organizing the mail said. "What we're trying to do to appeal to public--anyone who has a couple hours of free time if they can make it out for a day."

Fredericks said they have a warehouse full of mail and need people to go open cards and packages for the girl. Currently Sa'fyre is recovering from another surgery and can't come to the warehouse to see the volunteers in action.

"She's in good spirits and got a lot of love and support from her angels and we're all here trying to support her," Fredericks said.

Fredericks said Sa'fyre has a few favorite pieces of mail including letters from Beyonce and Katy Perry, and most importantly a buoy signed by U.S. Coast Guard members.

"The ones she is getting from the military and large groups really touch home for her," Fredericks said.

While Sa'frye can't always go to the warehouse, the volunteers do bring Sa'fyre new batches of mail every week so she can see the messages she's been getting.

"She goes through quite a few of them under her tree," Fredericks said.

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