Gluten-Free Diets No Help in Losing Weight


"Just as you can gain weight on a vegan diet if you eat French fries and Oreos, you can gain weight going gluten-free," she said.

Neily said people often overdo gluten-free snacks and baked goods because they have a "health halo" surrounding them.

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"Gluten-free doesn't mean calorie or fat free. If these foods are a big part of your diet, you probably won't be losing weight," she said.

Her point is well taken: Gluten-free Glutino pretzel sticks, for example, contain 120 calories per ounce, compared with 100 calories per ounce for standard pretzel sticks. Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are approximately 110 calories per cookie, while a regular chocolate cookie is about 90 calories. Gluten-free chocolate cake delivers approximately 280 calories and 5 grams per slice, slightly more than a piece of chocolate cake with the gluten intact.

Although the gluten-free weight-loss fad shows no signs of slowing down, some dieters are catching on – and giving up.

Dyana Flanigan a 48-year-old public relations manager from Chicago, said she tried a gluten-free diet for six months and wound up gaining 5 pounds.

"I really don't know why I gained weight. Maybe because I was eating more of other things as a reward for denying myself what I really wanted," she speculated.

And, she said, she found gluten-free an expensive way to eat. She was shocked to pay $8 for a bag of gluten-free pretzels when a similar bag of regular pretzels cost around $2.

Although she didn't lose any weight, her pocketbook definitely did, she said.

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Now, we want to know what you think. Have you tried going on a gluten-free diet to lose weight? Did it help? Do you have celiac disease or know someone who is gluten sensitive who resents when others go gluten-free "just because"?

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