Identical Twin Sister Moms Welcome Second Set of Twins Weeks Apart

The family now has five sets of twins in two generations.

ByABC News
February 23, 2016, 2:30 PM

— -- Two twin sisters have quite a few bundles of joy to chase around after they both recently gave birth to a set of twins -- again!

Identical twin sisters Kelli Wall and Kerri Bunker, of Orem, Utah, welcomed their second set of twins just weeks apart.

Wall was the first to give birth to twin girls five years ago, and Bunker followed with fraternal twins a year later. Both sets of twins were conceived with the aid of in vitro fertilization treatments.

Last year, Wall once again found out she was pregnant after another fertility treatment, and her announcement led Bunker to wonder if she should take a pregnancy test.

"That afternoon I got this harebrained idea that what if I was pregnant," Bunker told KTVX. "We weren’t doing any fertility treatments of any kind."

Bunker not only found out that was she pregnant, but also that she was expecting her second set of twins as well.

"I was somehow magically able to get pregnant on my own, and they are twins, which is crazy," Bunker told ABC News in an interview last fall. "Isn’t it the craziest story?”

Wall said there were some benefits for the sisters to be pregnant together.

"We happened to be sick about the same time, obviously she was a few weeks behind me but we commiserated together," she told KTVX.

Wall gave birth to her twins about four weeks before her sister. Because they were born premature, Wall was already at the hospital when her sister arrived for her delivery.

"I said we're already here so we'll walk down the hall," Wall said.

Both sets of twins are doing well.