Infant Grins After 'Seeing' Mom Clearly for First Time

Louise McMorris gets special glasses after being born with albinism.

ByABC News
January 23, 2015, 10:23 AM

— -- An emotional video of a Denver infant smiling after "seeing" her mother clearly for the first time has also made millions of others share in that joy.

Megan McMorris took the video of her 8-month-old daughter Louise after the girl was given new glasses to help address her sight problems.

Louise was born with albinism, which means she has no pigment in her skin, hair or eyes. As a result, she has debilitating sight problems, according to McMorris.

"Once she could actually see me, it’s like 'Oh hi that’s you'," said McMorris of the moment her daughter looked at her with glasses. "She’s happy. At least she didn’t start crying."

Video of the meeting has already garnered more than 3 million views in less than two weeks.

In the video, Louise appears to break into a big grin as Megan speaks to her.

With the new specially designed prescription glasses, McMorris also said that Louise has been able to finally play with her older brother Mason since she can more clearly see what she's doing.

"She’s able to reach out for things because she can see them now," McMorris told ABC News of Louise's new ability. "If I walk into a room, I can tell she can see something."

McMorris said one result of the albinism is that Louise tends to rely on hearing more than sight. As a result, McMorris has taken to singing to her daughter to bond with her.

"I can sing to her and I know she’s really listening," said McMorris. "It’s our thing. It’s a special moment."