Lack of Sunblock Leaves Woman With Permanent Dark Facial Marks

This is what happened when a woman didn’t use sunblock on her face.

— -- Kaitlin Menza is fair-skinned and has always been careful when she’s out in the sun, wearing big hats and using lots of sunscreen.

Menza, a 28-year-old contributing editor with, wrote about her experience for the magazine.

The Brooklyn-based editor didn’t believe the sunburn was that bad, she wrote in the Aug. 4 article.

Menza learned that she had melasma, a common disorder that causes discoloration of the skin.

“To have this damage is really embarrassing. It's your face. It's what people are looking at all day, so it's been really tough,” Menza told ABC News.

There are products on the market to mask melasma damage.

Menza has tried a number of treatments but she’s still stuck with the discoloration.

“I was surprised that it only takes one day, one afternoon, one really bad sunburn to damage your skin,” she said.