Ebola in America: Maine Pizzeria Delivers Pie to Ebola Nurse

Moose Shack pizzeria got police approval to deliver pie to Kaci Hickox.

"You're a lifesaver," Hickox's boyfriend Ted Wilbur said when the pizza arrived. "Thank you."

Hickox, 33, returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa last week and this morning broke Maine's voluntary quarantine by going on a bike ride as officials waffled between whether to seek legal enforcement to the quarantine or let her off the hook with a blood test.

April Hafford, whose father owns the pizzeria, delivered the pizza to Hickox's home this afternoon. Earlier today, she told ABC News that the pizzeria's biggest concern was how their customers will feel about the special delivery.

"It's such a small place here, and it could go either way," Hafford said. "There’s a lot of people that maybe wouldn't come here because of it -- and who would come because of it. It could go either way."

Hafford, who said she's seen Hickox and her boyfriend in the pizza shop three times since it opened in January, said Moose Shack has already received a lot of calls about Hickox this morning, and that the quarantine is a controversial issue in the small town.

And for those wondering, it was a pepperoni, black olive and mushroom pizza.

ABC News' Tina Chen contributed reporting.