Sisters Give Birth 15 Minutes Apart

These sisters do everything together, even have their babies.

— -- These two sisters from Philadelphia are so close they do everything together - even have their babies.

Estefany and Yely Gonzalez gave birth to their baby girls just 15 minutes apart yesterday morning at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Estefany, 22-years old, had her baby girl Marjorie at 8:12 a.m. Yely, who is 23-years old, followed up with baby girl Arlette at 8:29 a.m., the hospital said.

Estafany Gonzalez wasn’t due for several days but while the older sister was being examined, she went into labor. A few minutes later, the younger sister’s contractions escalated into labor too. Their poor grandmother was kept busy running back and forth from sister to sister as the babies came into the world, they said.

The near-simultaneous births were not planned, the sisters said. But they consider it a blessing that both their babies were born on the same day. The sisters, each who already have a two-year old, have always been best friends and only live a few minutes apart.

They hope the two cousins will grow up to be close. Like sisters, they said.

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