Slow Down Time With These 5-Minute Anti-Aging Fixes

Allure magazine shares time-saving beauty secrets.

— -- With just 24 hours in the day, the crunch is on to find time to give your skin the attention it needs.

Allure magazine is here to the rescue with anti-aging fixes you can do in just five minutes.

Sophia Panych, Allure’s deputy digital beauty director, shared her tips today on “Good Morning America.”

Try an Eye Mask

Eye masks, which can be left on for more than five minutes, will hide wrinkles caused by dryness and also reduce under-eye bags. “It doesn't take any time to put them on, you can do something else while you're wearing them and then you take them off and your eyes look just infinitely better,” Panych said.

Use a Dry Sponge

After applying makeup, spray your face with three to four sprays of water or a facial mist and then tap a dry sponge across your face to prevent makeup from settling in your wrinkles.

Lower Your Head

Panych says putting your head between your knees for just one minutes will mimic an after-exercise glow.

Style a Ponytail

Pull your hair up, leaving the face-framing layers down, and then flip the remaining strands to one side and pin them behind your ear without flattening the hair. “By getting the hair up and kind of adding the volume it just kind of opens up your face and makes you look a little bit more awake,” Panych said.

In order to target signs of aging like fine lines and brown spots, Bowe recommends looking for ingredients like glycolic acid and lactic acid.

Bowe also advises looking for a blend of acids in an at-home peel in order to avoid irritation.

Choosing foods like cinnamon, sauerkraut and red wine can also rejuvenate one’s skin from the inside, according to Bowe.