Astrologer Susan Miller

Aug. 29, 2000 -- Is there romance in your future? A job change? A financial windfall? What lies in store for you as autumn approaches?

Astrologer Susan Miller joined a live chat on on Wednesday, August 30. Miller, who has over 25 years of experience as an astrologer, is the creator of the highly successful Astrology Zone®. She has appeared on ABC’s 20/20 and The View, and is the author of Planets and Possibilities, scheduled for release in February 2001. Look below for a transcript of the chat.

Moderator at 4:06pm ET

Welcome Susan Miller! Thanks for joining us.

Susan Miller at 4:06pm ET

Hi, I'm so happy to be here!

Moderator at 4:07pm ET

Let's start with this questions from Annemarie:

Annemarie from at 4:07pm ET

Hi, my name is Annemarie, I am an Aries born 3/25/69. Will there ever be the marriage and children in my future? I have had a tough two/three years of life lessons and feel that I should be moving on to more positive things. Thanks so much!

Susan Miller at 4:08pm ET

As of July 1st, thing started to turn around for Aries. Up until then, you had no help from either Jupiter or Saturn. Now you do. In effect, a whole new year started for you on July 1st. You have every reason to be hopeful that things will work out.

In order to find love, it would be best for you to travel short distances now and then — such as to a mountain or seaside resort. Good luck. Please keep checking my column as I will give all Aries the very best days for romance each month.

lisa from at 4:11pm ET

What's up with Leo/Virgo rising? The past two years have been VERY difficult with my boyfriend. I made a decision to move on last week. What's in my future concerning relationships?

Susan Miller at 4:12pm ET

Lisa, your difficulties were caused by the eclipses in Leo. But as of July 31st, those are finished, and you will not be feeling any of the effects of the eclipses for a long time. You had many unexpected developments come up that were probably unnerving.

Now, a much more steady future is in store. You have every reason to be optimistic!

Jack at 4:14pm ET

Hello, My name is Jack And I was born on 1/8/73. I am a Capricorn. Lately my mom and my roommate have had dreams about me dying. Can you tell me what this means?

Susan Miller at 4:16pm ET

Dear Jack, Capricorn, dreams are symbols, not reality. It sounds to me that both your roommate and your mom care about you very much and can't imagine being without you! My aunt always used to assure me that those kinds of dreams are actually good, not bad. It is funny that you should ask this question, as Capricorn is the sign that is said to be very interested in death and the cycles of life. Jack, the best news of all is that your sign has more people living over 100 than any other. I wrote that in my book, and Warner Books currently has that book on press. You see, I am not just saying this to cheer you up — it's true!

Tammy K. at 4:16pm ET

Hi Susan. I am a Libra, born 10/13/59 2:20 p.m. California time. I feel a bit in limbo right now, both personally and professionally. Do you see any major changes? Thank you.

Susan Miller at 4:18pm ET

Dear Tammy, Libra, yes, career is beginning to become very important to you! As a matter of fact from now until the end of 2001 it will be a major focus. Libras have not had much of a chance for change, but as of July, when the eclipses began touching that area of your chart, lots of activity will start to come to this house. Note the conversations you had in July — they may be much more important than you think. Your next important point in time will be near Christmas and January 9. Get that resume dusted off in time! This coming Valentine's Day should please you too!

Mary from at 4:19pm ET

My husband is a Pisces born on 2/28/66 with Aries (rising). Funny how he and I are A LOT alike. He wants to make changes in his job status. Is the time right?

Susan Miller at 4:21pm ET

Mary, your husband is a Pisces, Aries rising. Mary, I am so happy to tell you that your husband's career is flying! It is sensational! You must read what I wrote for Pisces for September! You and he will be thrilled! The Jupiter-Pluto opposition will give him an element of pure luck that he has lacked until now. However, he has plenty of talent, and VIPs have noticed....It is a great time to look for new work or get promoted. Next month, when Mercury retrogrades (after October 19 until November 7) it would NOT be a good time for him or anyone else to start new things. It is OK to plan then, but not agree to anything new. So, you see, the time is right now! Good luck!

Lu in Florida from at 4:22pm ET

Who do the stars say has the best chance of becoming our next President, George Bush or Al Gore?

Susan Miller at 4:24pm ET

Dear Lu, both Bush and Gore are born within one year of one another. Bush is a Cancer, Gore an Aries. Both have Leo rising. I have pored over both charts for hours and I have to say that this is the closest race we will ever see! These charts are nearly identical in terms of amount of will depend a lot on what the turnout is that day. (Everyone has to vote.) I feel Gore has a slight edge as the winner. In terms of VP, Lieberman is a Pisces but I am not sure what Cheney is....perhaps I can ask ABC News! I still feel Gore is the man.

Gerri Russell from at 4:24pm ET

Hi, Susan. I'm a Taurus, born 5/5/46. I feel like a career change is pending. Any insight as to the timing? Thanks.

Susan Miller at 4:26pm ET

Barry, Taurus, your career went through more fits and starts over the past 18 months than anyone you know so far. Remember February, 2000? Weird time, wasn't it? Your best time I think will be in late December through mid-February. Be ready to roll, dear Barry!

Sharon J. at 4:27pm ET

I'm an Aquarius, my husband a Taurus. Over the past 8-9 months, our lives seemed to have turned upside down...with very little certainty in either our professional and personal lives. It's really taking its toll on both of us. Any advice?

Susan Miller at 4:29pm ET

Sharon, the Aquarians born early, near January 30 were feeling the eclipses most strongly. Perhaps you were one of those, dear Sharon. The universe never asks more than we can deliver. You should feel good in that most of life's new lessons are done, and you can relax. You will be using all you learned last year now. Your husband, oddly enough, also had a hard chart, so neither of you were on easy street — you are right — but now, things improve so much you may be fearful to trust it. Don't — enjoy it! As my mother, a great astrologer used to say to me, "Susan, we learn nothing from times of ease. Those are just 'waiting' times. True wisdom comes in times of stress."

Kim from at 4:30pm ET

I am a Gemini born 6/16/72. I recently (May) ended a 5 year relationship with a Sagittarius. What is the outlook as far as a new relationship sometime in the near future?

Susan Miller at 4:32pm ET

Kim, Gemini, if you have been meeting all the wrong people, you are going to love the change I see for you now. When Jupiter is on your Sun (as you have now, for the first time in 12 years) you have an outstanding chance to meet your soul mate. (I did when I had this aspect, so I can say it works!) At the time of your first meeting, you may not realize how important this person will be to you over time. Be open, optimistic and positive the universe is about to care for you, because rarely have you had a lineup of planets this strong. Your best month for romance will from the new moon September 27 through October. Let us know what happens by posting on our message board! We are rooting for you!

cheryl from at 4:33pm ET

Hi, Susan. I'm a Virgo born 9/22/57. Lots of major developments are happening to me right now...a new job and relocation are very, very imminent. But my question looms large about a relationship begun two years ago, just starting to "gel". What does 2001 hold in terms of a major commitment from him? thx

Susan Miller at 4:37pm ET

Cheryl, Virgo, I am looking at your chart..the job is incredibly good....the relationship could move along once Jupiter moves into Cancer in the middle of 2001 onward. I would say that Christmas time of next year (2001) looks good. Right now your career is so good, it is hard to transmit how special it is! You HAVE to think about work first, because you won't have anything like this for years and years again....get that promotion, and with the extra money you earn, you can fly to see each other! Marriage won't happen quite yet, so be patient....February looks good for you. You were born with Jupiter on the ascendant, which is so lucky. I am not worried about you! Things will always work out in the end.

Michele at 4:42pm ET

Good tidings, Susan! My birthday is 6/19/66 and my child is due 1/2/01. Any suggestions on how a Gemini can successfully handle a Capricorn? You KNOW what I'm talkin' about! :) Thanks!

Susan Miller at 4:45pm ET

Dear Michele, Congratulations! You are born with the moon in Cancer, sun in will do fine with a little dear Capricorn. Your Jupiter is also in Cancer, which means it will benefit your baby too. What a lovely connection! You don't have a thing to worry about! Also, Gemini is SO flexible. That is always your greatest asset. Things roll off you that other signs get stuck always have an alternative answer. You think on your feet — that's a wonderful quality in anyone (especially a mother!) Don't worry — I think you are going to be very close to this child. Let us know when you have the baby! Many astrologers stop by our message board, and I am sure we will all give you postings about the baby's talents!

Karen at 4:47pm ET

Hi, I am a Scorpio woman born 10/24/58 (evening). I had recently ended a relationship with a Cancer man on the cusp of Gemini 6/21/57. He would like us to get back together but he is very moody and gets melancholy. He has a lot of excellent qualities but he is his own worst enemy and sabotages any chances he has for happiness. Why is this and will it change, or is this who he is for good? He gets very moody and brooding and his moods cycle so that he is happy for awhile but then gets like this again. Also, my independence scares him.Any hope for us?

Susan Miller at 4:50pm ET

Karen, Scorpio, Cancer does get moody, but so do all the water signs...I have both charts up and I like you with Cancer very much. No two people are ever perfect....I know it can be hard sometimes, but I truly think you would miss him. This sun is exactly trine your, that is gorgeous. Your Jupiter is trine his sun....His Jupiter opposes your moon...all these things are so lovely. You have such a tender side with the moon in Pisces. I think you both just need a little rest from one another for a few weeks. I think you will miss him and go back to him. He really is good for you. If you want to, please do give this relationship a second try. He loves you.

Nowell at 4:51pm ET

Hello, Susan. I'm a Cancer male (07/01/75) living in LA. I've been restless the past few years, moving around a lot. I don't know why I'm so restless, I just get these crazy impulses. Any advice?

Susan Miller at 4:54pm ET

Nowell, Cancer, you have a wild and crazy moon in Aries! Of course you get bored easily! If you find a job or start your own business and are able to get the stimulation you crave in that way, I bet you won't move so much any more. You really were destined to work for yourself, you know. You have Saturn near your Sun so I think you are highly disciplined and hard working. I bet you sense that someday you will have enormous responsibility and, having a sixth sense about this, you are going through your rebellious stage now! Someday you will have the corner office — you know this — and for now you want to be a cowboy. Ride the range if you have to a little while longer, but realize you have a big destiny to fulfill. It will be fun — I promise. Responsibility does not have to be boring. It is where the power lies, something you are innately interested in anyway! Good luck!

Catherine from at 4:55pm ET

Hi, Susan. What can you tell me about Virgo men — are they really perfectionists? Or can a Cancer woman handle this edge?

Susan Miller at 4:58pm ET

Catherine, Cancer with Virgo man...Virgo is outwardly very responsible, but privately highly erotic and loving. Yes, you both get along wonderfully because you are water and he is earth — that is a fantastic blend of elements. Read what I wrote on Matchmaker on Astrology Zone. Check Virgo's view of Cancer and then also check Cancer's view of Virgo — a different report! Virgo makes a great mate because they are responsible. If you don't think that is sexy, think again. When you have three children, you will thank you lucky stars that you can rely on such a devoted, caring man. Virgo also loves books, movies and the arts, so life would never be boring. Finally, Virgo loves to see his woman in gorgeous clothes...not flashy, but designer, well made things. He will never complain about your new suit or frequent manicures. In all, I think you have a catch!

cinth1 from at 5:01pm ET

March 9, 1960. Sonoma, CA 7:47 amWhat's up with my latest screenplay? Just started sending it around and... Thank you.

Susan Miller at 5:05pm ET

Dear Cinth1, I recognize your name! You are a frequent guest on the Astrology Zone message board! Welcome! You have all the eclipses hitting the 10th and 4th houses, meaning all the changes will be in career and in home life.The next big news is due in late December or early January (and if no news then, give it one more month). I love that you are in screenwriting. Pisces is so imaginative. They need to have a creative outlet. Pisces is known to tap into the well of the whole unconsciousness of the world and make art from it. Your moon in Leo is perfect for theatre or film. Conjunct Uranus, you are highly individual and innovative. Next year, Mars visits Pisces house of fame from January through August! That is VERY long...I think you will have something to celebrate then. Good luck, Cinth1. Keep posting on our Astrology Zone message board and keep us up to date on your progress.

Nikki from at 5:07pm ET

Hi, Susan. I know that you are being inundated with requests, but I figured it was worth a shot. My name is Nikki (11.11.77 - 9:11 a.m. - Sacramento, CA) and I was in a bizarre relationship for about a year with Andy (4.16.76) where the line between romance and friendship was very blurred. We ultimately parted ways, but I still feel connected to him on a deep level. Recently, however, I have begun feeling drawn to a coworker (Mark, 12.21.70). I am wondering if I should press forward, if either of these two are right for me, etc. The past few years have been tumultuous for me as far as relationships have gone, and I am eager for some guidance one way or the other. Thank you...your monthly insights mean so much to me. Best of luck to you. :)

Susan Miller at 5:09pm ET

Dear Nikki, you have a good problem...plenty of nice men to date. You are about to see Jupiter enter your house of marriage because you have Sag rising. (Readers: if you are a Sag, the following applies to you, too.) Sag has the BEST marriage aspects of any sign. You won't know what I am talking about until the spring. Your degrees are too far away now. See both people. Right now Jupiter is in the house of work, so I am not surprised that you are interested in a coworker. By next year, 2001, the picture will be much clearer. You need to date both to make up your mind — your chart is not yet "cooked." Don't torture yourself by requiring a choice. See both.

Anima at 5:11pm ET

G'day! We are a couple from Down Under and would like to know what the future holds, financially and career-wise. (He is Cancer/Horse and she is Aquarius/Rooster.) Also, do your readings in the Northern Hemisphere differ from the Southern Hemisphere? A couple of weeks ago you mentioned you were asked on your predictions on the TV show Survivor...were you correct? (We never heard what your predictions were.) Cheers! :)

Susan Miller at 5:13pm ET

Dear Amina, I am so sorry — I was a little wrong. I thought Rudy would get the prize. The show did not give me the birth hours of the contestants, only the day-month-year. Rich won, and he is an Aries. I said he would last until the end, but I thought Rudy would get it because Rudy has such fantastic financial aspects. However, as one of many people's favorite characters, Rudy should do well with endorsements. I hear he just got a sneaker company deal, so I wish him luck, as I do to Richard and all the others. It was such a fun show. Next time I hope to get the birth times!

Anima, about Cancer-Aquarius matches — while it is a little less easy, I feel ALL signs can blend with other signs. Your man is more touchy-feely than you and likes to stay home more than you do. You need a certain amount of space, but I think you can work that out together. No problem. See Matchmaker on Astrology Zone for a full report. In Australia, it does work the same way — you can use all my predictions. Until July I wrote for New Woman Australia, so you see it is fine to read the North American predictions. Lots of research has been done on this. Thank you for stopping by!

Virgo w/ Saturn Return Questio at 5:18pm ET

I am a Virgo (Leo Rising, Scorpio Moon) born on September 5, 1970. My life has never been particularly easy (especially in the emotional and material realms), but the past several years have been particularly rough — full of career- and school-related upsets and paralysis. The past ten months or so have been the worst by far, full of changes so cataclysmic that I feel as if I have no ground beneath me! Folks tell me that this is because of my Saturn return. Do you have any advice that might help me make the most of this period of trial, so that I might pass Saturn's "tests"? (My Saturn is in Taurus.) Thanks!

Susan Miller at 5:22pm ET

Dear Virgo, a "Saturn return" means that Saturn in the sky now returns to exactly where it was at birth. We all get this at 29 years of age. At that time, we make a big commitment — we long for stability — so we commit to a job, a house, a husband/wife or baby. Big life decisions get made at that time. When Saturn returns again at 56, we are considered very wise at the time, so the "Saturn return" is usually less traumatic. Even good things, like having a baby or getting married, represent adjustments — that is what I mean by traumatic (so don't get scared). You have a Scorpio moon, and that moon has been touched by the eclipses. That means you probably moved. It was uprooting. Not easy for a fixed moon to take. You have Saturn in the ninth house of education, so this is where you felt stress. The good news is that you are DONE with your Saturn return pretty much.You should be able to get a great job now, with your Virgo sun sign! I think you have put in all the hard work already. You will love the feeling of seasoning you have now — you feel helps. Did I tell you that after 30 things get MUCH better? Take it from me, they do! Good luck, dear Virgo.

Lucky Daswani from at 5:24pm ET

My daughter Neeta was born on April 30, 1972 at 4:30 a.m. at Mumbai, India. She was married in 1994 and within 4 months her husband died of blood cancer. When is her next marriage going to take place?

Susan Miller at 5:29pm ET

Lucky, I was so distressed to hear the news you sent me. Your daughter was born with the planet Uranus in the house of marriage at birth. That means what she least expected to happen, happened. Anyone with that aspect would be subject to surprising father had that, but they had a very happy (exciting) marriage. Your daughter was simply unlucky. NOW, we look forward...Jupiter in Gemini is in superb position to help Uranus in Libra in the first part of 2001. You do not say if your daughter has a beau or not. Nevertheless, when one has good aspects to the marriage house one meets quality people — people of substance. Watch the time around May 7 for her to be quite happy and hopefully in love. I hope I have answered your question. I am so sorry for the suffering your daughter has gone though. Please keep reading my forecasts for the month as I feel they will be helpful to you.

Susan Miller at 5:30pm ET

Thank you for coming by! I so appreciate your letters! From now on, I hope to be doing regular chat sessions. If you join my mailing list we will send you a note when I will chat again. I am very grateful for your kind words and questions. Hope to see you soon again!

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