News You Can Use: Cancer Clinical Trial Resources

What Are Clinical Trials?

A primer on who conducts clinical trials, how they work and what your participation would involve.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Clinical Trials

Click here to download a worksheet of questions to ask your doctor.

Search Clinical Trials

Search the National Cancer Institute's list of more than 6,000 clinical trials now accepting participants, see the latest clinical trial results and learn more about them.

Noteworthy Clinical Trials

Click here to read about major NCI-supported clinical trials, open or closed to new participants.

Clinical Trial Laws

Some states have passed laws about insurance coverage for clinical trials. Click here to check if your insurance covers them.

Be Matched With a Clinical Trial

Click here to take a screening questionnaire and save your clinical trial match results. By entering information about your cancer, you'll see a list of clinical trials that may be appropriate for you.

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You can also call the hotline for clinical trials: 1-800-303-5691