As Seen on TV: Army of Women Initiative

Find out how to join the Army of Women movement and help fight breast cancer.

Oct. 2, 2008— -- On Wednesday, Dr. Susan Love officially launched the Love/Avon Army of Women, an organization attempting to find a cure for breast cancer through collaboration among leading cancer funding institutions. Rather than using research that focuses on killing cancer cells, this initiative will encourage research on what causes breast cancer, pairing a goal of 1 million women with scientists to "end breast cancer in our lifetime."

To find out more information about the Army of Women, check out its Frequently Asked Questions section on the Web site, where you can find out about the organization's goals, who's eligible, how to register and more.

To become a volunteer with the Army of Women and to receive e-mail updates about ongoing projects, fill out the Volunteer Registration Form. Also, you can learn more about safety and privacy of women who join the organization.

For more information on what kind of research is taking place in the field, check out Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation's Web site. The organization is currently conducting revolutionary research: attempting to develop a Band-Aid test strip that can determine if a woman is susceptible or predisposed for developing breast cancer, and exploring the link between pregnancy at a young age and decreased risk of breast cancer.

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Know someone who might want to get involved with the Army of Women? Invite a friend.