6 Smart Super Bowl Swaps

How to survive your Super Bowl party without fumbling your diet.

ByABC News
January 31, 2011, 6:10 PM

Feb. 2, 2010— -- On Super Bowl Sunday, Americans will eat an estimated 30 million slices of pizza, according to Papa John's Pizzeria. But not every slice -- or wing, or whatever else you pile in your mouth -- has to be a caloric calamity. Don't let your diet take a hit; save that for the guys on the field instead. Instead, follow these healthy food swaps and enjoy a great Super Bowl party.

Wings can feed an army of people for cheap, which is why they're included at any pregame party. But be careful: A half-dozen wings fried in batter will cost you more than 900 calories; the same amount of roasted wings still adds up to 650. If you're anticipating an extra victory beer, go with skinless wings, at about 250 calories per serving.

For an even better pregame dish that doesn't sacrifice flavor, grab a bowl of chili. Not only will it clock in at less than 300 calories, but the protein and the fiber found in a hearty bowl of red work together to fill your belly and prevent the mindless munching that football -- and all of those high-budget commercials -- encourage.

Last year, it was reported that vegetables were the No. 1 food eaten in homes during the previous three Super Bowls. Certainly a welcome sign, but what's more important is how you eat those veggies. They're a great source of nutrients, but don't sabotage your diet with monstrous portions of dip. Here's how to get the most bang out of your veggies: Instead of buying a traditional bleu cheese dip, make a low-calorie mix with cottage cheese, white horseradish, and seasoning.

And how's this for bonus veggie power: According to new research, vegetables like carrots contain carotenoids, which help to increase yellow skin tones, making your skin appear darker and healthier. Who knew watching football could give you a tan?


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