Superheroes Save Pediatric Patients From The Joker

Dell Children's Hospital had a special treat for patients this week.

— -- The pediatric patients were in trouble. The Joker had stolen their ice cream and stuffed ponies. Things weren't looking good.

"If they can take down this crafty crook, they can do anything," KVUE reporter Cori Coffin said. KVUE is ABC's Austin affiliate.

One little boy had a feeling it would all be OK.

"Batman's going to kick his butt," he told KVUE, referring, of course, to the Joker.

A day after the heroes saved them, the patients were still talking about it, hospital spokeswoman Kendra Clawson told ABC News. She said parents flooded the hospital's Facebook page with positive feedback.

"This was such a great experience for all the kids and parents," Misty Arrington Lake wrote on the Facebook page. "My son will remember this for many years!"