Teen Battling Bone Cancer Marries High School Sweetheart in Hospital

Swift Myers and Abbi Ruicker wed at an Oklahoma hospital.

— -- When Swift Myers and Abbi Myers, nee Ruicker, wed on Sunday, it was from the bed at an Oklahoma hospital where Swift Myers, 18, has spent the last month battling cancer.

Two days before their wedding day, Myers asked Abbi, also 18 and his girlfriend of two years, to marry him.

"He said, ‘Will you be my wife?,' and we’ve always joked about so I just kind of laughed," Abbi told ABC News today. "The next day he said, 'You know I was being serious right?.'"

Abbi told Myers that if he was serious he needed to call her dad to ask for her hand in marriage. Myers picked up the phone and called Abbi's dad and the wedding planning began immediately.

"Some of the nurses were in the room and as soon as they heard the conversation they took off," Abbi said. "They did everything."

The nursing staff at Saint Francis Children’s Hospital acted as the couple's wedding planners, gathering decorations and finding a wedding cake, a videographer and a photographer.

"It felt like I was hearing a love story straight out of a movie," Meagan Ready, the couple's wedding photographer, told ABC News of being asked to help. "I was humbled to have been asked to document such a special occasion."

On Sunday night, around 100 of the couple's friends and family, and the nurses and doctors caring for Myers, packed into a room at the hospital to watch the couple wed. So many people wanted to attend that the wedding was live-streamed on Facebook and some guests lined a sidewalk outside to celebrate the couple from afar.

A teacher at the high school where the Myers met bought the couple wedding bands from a local jeweler. Myers added a bowtie to his hospital attire and said his "I do" from his hospital bed.

The hospital bed later featured a "Just Married" sign on poster board signed by guests.

"I was in shock," Abbi said of the outpouring of love. "I'm still in shock."

After exchanging wedding vows and sealing their marriage with a kiss, the couple hosted a wedding reception complete with cake.

"I’m really grateful for the nurses," Abbi said. "They are still at work and still went through and did all of this in less than two days for us and that really meant a lot."

Myers is continuing treatments for his cancer, with Abbi by his side every minute of the day.

"Since the wedding he’s been much better and in better spirits," she said.