How Toddler Survived 14 Hours in Submerged Car

An 18-month-old spent 14 hours upside-down in a submerged car and lived.

"Do they appear to be moving at all?" the dispatcher asked.

"No, they don't."

After spending almost 14 hours suspended upside-down in the overturned car in freezing temperatures with frigid water inches from her head, Lily survived in fleece pants and a sweatshirt because she had several factors on her side, experts told ABC News.

"Children are more resilient than adults," Guillamondegui said, adding that he has not treated Lily. "They don't have the comorbidities of adults."

Second, although the cold could have led Lily's organs to fail from hypothermia, it also likely put her body into a state of suspended animation, Guillamondegui said, likening it to hibernation. The cold slows the body down, enabling it to withstand the trauma, including potential hypothermia, he said.

"It's a really cool process," he said. "We see it every once in a while."

And, finally, he guessed the accident didn't cause any major bleeding for Lily. If it had, the cold would have made it worse and could have killed her. "Because certain aspects of your blood don't work well when it's cold," Guillamondegui said.

Overall, he said, it was important to remember that trauma is the number one cause of death for people younger than 45, and that a child's car seat is the safest place to be during an accident.