Second Twin Is Born Weeks After Identical Brother in Miraculous Delivery

Link and Logan Gorveatt were born in two different months.

October 20, 2015, 11:15 AM

— -- Link and Logan Gorveatt may share the same DNA but the twins will have different birthdays after being born 18 days apart.

Logan was born this week after his brother Link was delivered on Sept. 29, according to the Gorveatt family fundraising site. The twins made headlines earlier this month for their very unusual delivery.

Holli Gorveatt had gone into labor early in September due to the weight of twins on her cervix. Doctors at Evergreen Health Medical Center had no choice but to deliver one twin, Link, at just 23 weeks.

Dr. Martin Walker, Gorveatt's doctor and a fetal medicine expert at Evergreen Health Medical Center, said that Link had a 10 percent chance of normal development at delivery, but every day that twin brother Logan spent in utero would mean a better chance at normal development for the younger brother.

"[Logan] will be bigger [Link]. Growth in utero is so much better than growth in the [neonatal intensive care unit]," Dr. Walker said earlier this month.

Holli Gorveatt said Logan was born on Saturday after medical officials worried she had developed signs of infection.

"Logan arrived earthside at 1:53am. He weighed 740grams," she said in a post online. "When he was born he had the cutest tiny cry."

Link also seems to be developing well, according to Walker.

"He's got a long way to go but the fact that he's this far out with no bleeding in his brain, it suggests he's going to be one of the 10 percent" with normal development, Walker told ABC News.

The twins' father Nick Gorveatt told ABC News earlier this month that Link already showed some personality in his hospital incubator.

"He likes to wiggle and move around a lot," said Gorveatt. "He pulls out all the temperature gauges and monitors."

Gorveatt said that Logan had already passed the 25-week mark, signifying that he already had a 50 percent chance of normal development. Both infants remain at the Evergreen Medical Center for continued care, according to the family's fundraising site.

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