Twins Born in 2 Different Years Celebrate 1st Birthday

Hannah and Danielle Reed get separate birthday celebrations.

— -- Hannah and Danielle Reed were born a minute apart but in two different years.

Hannah was born via cesarean section at 11:59 last New Year's Eve, and her sister, Dannielle, was born just 40 seconds after midnight, making her the first baby of 2014 in Abilene, Texas.

Their mother, Veronica Reed, 32, said they celebrated Hannah's first birthday Wednesday night with dinner, presents and a cupcake. And they'll to it all over again to celebrate Danielle's birthday today.

"They’re just perfect," Reed said. "They're healthy. They have eight teeth each. Danny's crawling and around here, and Hannah's well on her way."

The girls look alike, but it's already clear to Reed that they have very different personalities. Danielle is "on the go all the time from sun up until sun down" and her big sister is quieter and likes to observe before she does anything, Reed said.

But they also have a few things in common.

"Both love to laugh and play and clap," Reed said. "And they love music."

"They say 'hello' and immediately put their hand to their ear like they’re on the telephone," Reed said.

They'll have a birthday party Sunday for family and friends, but each girl will get her own theme: "winter onederland" for Hannah and "sugar plum fairy" for Danielle.